About Us

Energy.Fanchi.com was formed in 2011 as a companion site for the textbook Energy in the 21st Century. Today, you can find resources for bringing Energy in the 21st Century into the classroom, as well as opportunities for working directly with authors Dr. John Fanchi and Chris Fanchi to include energy in your curriculum.

Our mission is to provide valuable resources to educators seeking to inform the next generation of learners of the importance of energy to our society. Energy, and particularly the way in which humanity produces, distributes, and consumes energy resources, already plays an enormous role in global geopolitics and will shape the political and environmental landscape of the planet in the coming years. People in school today will be working with and voting for those that will guide our energy usage. Therefore, it is critical that these students be knowledgeable on this critical topic.

Currently, Energy.Fanchi.com offers a few select activities and lecture resources for Energy in the 21st Century. It is our intention to expand this catalog to include more images, lecture notes and videos for use in classrooms to complement the text.